A little number converter which let you convert between decimal, hex, binary and octal. Known issues: - the text inputs support everything you enter, not just fitting numbers - huge decimals get converted to scientific notation
CloseMaps will kill all Maps/GPS/compass related processes of your phone. This will give you more free RAM, CPU time, directly kill the GPS connection. It's useful e.g. if you're used Nokia Maps but want to use a 3rd party compass app, it will show an erro...
This is a fast quick access tool to create a new alarm. Never before it was easier to create a new alarm on your phone. Thanks ApexDesigns Inc. for the icon.
A simple shortcut to lock your phone. This app can extend the life of your lock key and works always. Hardware key and other lock apps don't work directly after a reboot, this app fixed it. Thanks ApexDesigns Inc. for the icon.
RebootMe is simple and fast reboot application. There's no confirmation, launching this app will directly reboot your phone on a fast and safe way. This app is completly free and based on Symbian C++
With CloseWhatsApp you can close WhatsApp with just one touch. It won't startup again by itself or notifications, it's completly closed. Note: This app has no Interface, only popups.
Mit meinTV können sie einfach Livestreams von ARD, ZDF und den dritten ZDF Sendern auf ihrem Symbian Gerät sehen. Außerdem sind Schnellzugriffe für ARD und ZDF Mediathek integriert und sie können 10 eigene Kanäle sichern.