Nokia has closed the Nokia Store for Symbian and MeeGo developers on 1. January 2014. Beside the signing problem from this point there was and is no real alternative to publish Symbian apps in the same way the Nokia Store provided (MeeGo users should have a look at openrepos.net). As I personally currently do not see a real alternative to Symbian for me I still plan to use my 808 PureView and develop apps for it.

Without the Nokia Store it is the same situation we had before what some are naming as on of the reasons why Symbian never had a huge app ecosystem (there may be other reasons, but this is not the topic here ;) ).

Already since summer 2013 I had the idea to create an app with that users would be able to manage all my apps. With the Store-close announcement this idea moved on and reached the point to create an alternative Store where developers are able to publish, maintain and update their apps. While releasing the first app as a self-signed version in December I saw what a Store like that has to offer to provide a platform for the future. Missing signing possibilities mean that each app which was released in the Nokia Store and gets an update after it has to be first uninstalled and then the new version installed. This includes downloading, moving and launching the sis-installer, what is especially not easy for "noobs".

Here is where AppList attempts to find a solution. Developers can manage a self-signed, unsigned and Nokia Store version and AppList helps users to upgrade between different versions. It further provides nearly the same UI you already know from the Nokia Store client, so transition is easy.

The web interface you have currently opened in this tab is not based on the Nokia Store web design. Instead I looked at all major stores to see who has done the best job and although I am not the biggest Windows Phone fan I have to admit that the web version of the Windows Phone Store definitely has the best look in my opinion. So the web UI of AppList is based on the Windows Phone Store web UI.

Further the database is based on Steve Litchfield's curated App Store, because the intention is also to collect the "crème de la crème" of available and still working Symbian apps together.


If you want to contribute you are welcome to do so. In my forum you can find a small discussion platform where you can suggest features, submit bugs and give feedback. There you can also suggest good Symbian apps that should be part of the AppList database.

If you can help with translating the UI of AppList into your language write me a mail at applist (at) schumi1331.de

If you are a developer have a look at the page For Developers. You can find there all important infos on how to publish or update your app in AppList.

And if you want you can also do a donation to virtually invite me on a drink :)

Thanks to

Of course I would not be able to create a project of this size completely on my own. Various people have helped me directly or indirectly and I think they should be mentioned here:

  • Bhavin: Beta testing
  • Fabian (@huellif): Symbian C++ and beta testing
  • Kay: Staying in touch with developers
  • Kush: Beta testing
  • István: Beta testing
  • Lily: Beta testing
  • Lyubomir (@batezippi): Beta testing
  • Magissia: Hosting
  • Microsoft: Idea how a good Store web UI may look like
  • Moritz (@MoritzJT): Beta testing
  • Nokia: The Symbian platform till now and my 808 PureView
  • Oleg (@aquarius_rus): SISContents
  • pisarz1958 and Motaz: Homescreen widget tutorial and dll improvements
  • Simone Grandi: Belle icons from his theme "Evolve+ FP2 Edition"
  • Slava; Ilya and Anton: SVGB decoder and the Qt port SVGB2SVG
  • Stephen Elop: Killing a beautiful software and operating system
  • Steve Litchfield: His curated App Store, feedback, promoting and beta testing
  • All these guys in the Qt forums, stackoverflow and the web
  • All developers and companies who developed or are developing for Symbian
  • You for reading this and using AppList