You can download apps from the AppList database only through the AppList client. This app attempts to replace the Nokia Store in the future. It is currently available for Symbian 3, Anna, Belle and Belle Refresh, FP1, FP2. A version for S60 5th devices may come during spring. A S60 3rd version is currently not planned.

In order to install and use the AppList client on your phone you need have the Qt libraries installed on your device. This should be the case on all Belle phones and most Symbian 3 and Anna devices. If the installation fails or you only see a black screen when launching AppList the libraries are missing. See below to download the libraries.

How to install

Option 1: To install the client it is the easiest approch to visit this website on your Symbian smartphone. Press the download button and after download has finished the installation will start automatically. In case installation fails check that you have disabled the certificate check.

Option 2: Alternatively you can download the sis-file on your PC and send it to your phone via USB or Bluetooth. Then find the file and press on it to start the installation.

Changelog v1.0 Build 123:
- Point 1
- Point 2
Qt libraries

If you got an error message while installing AppList that any Qt-related components or libraries are missing or see only a black screen when launching the app you may need to install or update your Qt libraries.

In this case please download and install this version which includes the Smart Installer. It will automatically update the Qt libraries on your phone.

Certificate settings

If you are not able to install apps downloaded from AppList or the AppList an issue might be that installing apps from third-party sources has been disabled in the phone settings.

To activate, go to the phone settings > Installations > Installation settings. Check that Software installation is set to All and Online certification check is set to Off. If not change the values to match.

Unsigned apps

In AppList you will find apps that are released as Unsigned. This means they are not signed with a certificate that is required for the installation process. To install an unsigned app version your Symbian phone needs to be hacked and an InstallServer patch applied to ROMPatcher. Most Custom Firmwares (CFW) already have a modified InstallServer to allow installing unsigned apps.

Unsigned apps exist because they are not limited to the capabilities a self-signed certificate provides. So they can use more functions and go deeper to the system if required. In AppList each developer has to explain why he has released his app as an unsigned version so you know what it is doing.

Is AppList free?

Yes, AppList is a completely free project. You do not have to pay for using it, for downloading and also publishing your apps is completely free. AppList was created to provide an app ecosystem for the still existing Symbian community to make updates easy. Anyway, if you want to support the project you can read here.

Will it be possible to rate apps and write comments?

Yes, definitely. This is planned for one of the next versions and is at the top of the to-do-list. However, this feature needs to be planned and created, with user logins and things like that, so I decided to not include this into the initial version.

What personal data is collected when using AppList?

While using the AppList client on your phone the following personal data is sent to the servers: Your phone UI language, your device, your display resolution, your Symbian OS version, the settings you have set in "Languages I understand", if you allow installing unsigned apps and the apps you have installed on your device and that are in the AppList database.

Phone UI language, device, display resolution and Symbian OS version are saved anonymously on the server when downloading an app to provide download statistics for developers. No other data is saved on the server and no data is passed to third-parties at all.

The web pages of AppList uses Google Analytics to analyze and optimize the user experience.