Nokia Tag Writer
Nokia Tag Writer is an application for creating Near Field Communication tags. The application allows you to specify the content for a tag, and write this content on to a tag. By touching a tag with the phone, you are able to send a text message, make a pho...
Nokia Battery Monitor
Nokia Battery Monitor shows estimates of remaining battery life and statistics of battery usage. It also provides power save features and remaining charging time estimates when charger is connected. Icon from Simone Grandi's "Evolve+ FP2 Edition" theme
LinkedIn for Nokia includes a full, rich feature set designed to bring the most useful features of LinkedIn to your Nokia smartphone. The application features six modules, each with a user experience designed from the ground up for Nokia devices: Updates. ...
Nokia Internet Radio
The Nokia Internet Radio enables you to discover and enjoy the radio shows transmitted over the Internet. Using Station Directory you can search for radio stations by genre, language or country/region. Icon from Simone Grandi's "Evolve+ FP2 Edition" theme