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Supported OS versions
Symbian 3/Anna
Symbian Belle
Symbian Belle FP1
Symbian Belle FP2
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FileNotes is a text editor for Symbian that provides convenient access to the files you need to keep on hand.

* Unlike the native 'Notes' application data are saved as standard plain text files. Default encoding is UTF-8 but other values can be chosen in Settings.
* FileNotes automatically reopens last edited note(s) at start up.
* Direct Save/Quit button.
* Multiple notes editing is supported thanks to tabs (tab-bar position can be changed in Settings).
* Volume keys Zoom & Scroll: change font size if some text is selected, else scroll page in fullscreen.
* Indent and bullet are kept at new line.
* Basic syntax highlight: use prefixes to mark some lines as !!important, //greyed-out, @underlined, ##striked-out, ...
* Enhanced contextual menu: clipboard history management, insert date+time, mark/unmark line with prefix.
* Rotation sensor: tilt the phone to switch backspace direction between left and right. Also note that when the virtual keyboard is opened this will move the cursor (and make arrows appear).
* Dedicated home-screen widget for quick reference and access. It shows a snippet of your last note.
* Menu|History: reopen edited notes quickly
* Menu|E-mail: send current note or selected text.
* Menu|Settings: customize ergonomics, widget appearance and style-sheet.
* Option to maximize text area in landscape (particularly useful for E7).
* Full keyboard shortcuts support for E6 and E7.
* Toolbar with convenient buttons for other devices: wrap, arrows to help positioning the cursor precisely, delete left/right, select word/line/all, copy/cut/paste, keyboard on/off, indent & bullet. Long press buttons for additional behavior.
* Toolbar with gesture: swipe two fingers left/right over the toolbar to undo/redo.
* Virtual keyboard: choose in Settings between standard layout and former 'Anna' style (split-screen disabled but arrows always available).
* User interface language: English, French.