Get the best quality screenshots. Camera button using and watermark support :)
Bluetooth SPP for Symbian
Bluetooth SPP for Symbian (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile) It is a tool for bluetooth SPP wireless communication between your smartphone and the remote bluetooth device (PC, MCU, Arduino...). This app find suitable remote device and show information about it...
Best ScreenSnap
Freeware application that allows you to capture screenshots on your smartphone and save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer. Icon from Simone Grandi's "Evolve+ FP2 Edition" theme
WA Analyzer
A analyzer app of WhatsApp for smartphones with Symbian OS developed using Qt and C++. Analyze logs files to display and export the data of the communications in lists, reports and statistics. The code is released with MIT license and it has support the ...
A Clipboard History manager app for Symbian/Meego By phone, you can only access the last item you copied, but ClipBook lets you access all the text items you cut, copied and pasted by your phone since starting this app. Just start the app, and cut copy pas...
BlackList Mobile
BlackList Mobile protects you from unwanted calls, sms, mms and even from sms-spam. Just add contacts you wish to ignore in "Contacts" menu and forget about people who annoy you.
WhiteList Mobile
Whitelist Mobile is a powerful and useful tool which protects your time and privacy by keeping unwanted calls and SMS/MMS off your phone in easy and convenient way. You can decide who can or can’t reach you by mobile using whitelist functionality. You ca...
CountdownTimer is a simple, practical and nice-looking countdown timer. It decrements the selected time and plays back a ringing sound when the timer elapses. Max countdown time can be up to 24 hours. Screensaver is disabled so the timer is visible all the ...
A tool for generating random numbers and strings, useful for generating strong passwords, lotto numbers, in case of draw or just for fun. Features: - Use a JavaScript engine for numbers and random passwords. - Random number generator repeated or unique. - ...
Voted “Must Have Utility App of the Year” by Ovi users, Vlingo is your very own Virtual Assistant. Simply speak to Vlingo and it will help you do more stuff, faster and easier than before. Try saying "Text John; What's up?" or "search italian restaurant...
This is a fast quick access tool to create a new alarm. Never before it was easier to create a new alarm on your phone. Thanks ApexDesigns Inc. for the icon.
A simple shortcut to lock your phone. This app can extend the life of your lock key and works always. Hardware key and other lock apps don't work directly after a reboot, this app fixed it. Thanks ApexDesigns Inc. for the icon.
RebootMe is simple and fast reboot application. There's no confirmation, launching this app will directly reboot your phone on a fast and safe way. This app is completly free and based on Symbian C++
With CloseWhatsApp you can close WhatsApp with just one touch. It won't startup again by itself or notifications, it's completly closed. Note: This app has no Interface, only popups.
Simple easy-to-use stopwatch application with millisecond resolution. Supports unlimited number of laps. Touch-friendly. Professionally looking user interface.