Mesut Aktas
This app showing text. Positions, colour, size and other option supported.
Easy upload images to All site options supported. Two file selection method, Gallery and Dialog. NOTE: Upload time depends on your internet speed and file size. ~1 MB file estimated 4-5 seconds.
Notification SMS - This app incoming SMS showing(look screenshots). - Optional set time option (min). - Optional set repeat amount. - Optional incoming SMS opening. - Optional autostart & task manager hide. - Optional language selection. - Support Lan...
One Click 'Lock Phone' You have to enter device security code. If you want to exit, long press screen button.
One Click Multi SIS/SISX Installer Create a folder, folder name "Yukleme" on E: or F: drive. Install files put your folder and open this program, click Start :)
Get the best quality screenshots. Camera button using and watermark support :)