JETI Games
In Monsterit, you try to win the Monster Truck Championship by winning at least 50 of the 100 events. Winning is not easy, the tracks are filled with different obstacles and your trucks will break if you abuse them too much. Win the right to drive the indestru...
Gnome & Gnomer
Once upon a time there were two gnomes who worked as the forest gardeners. Their most important task was to keep the forest flowers watered and blooming. This is how it is done. Features: - Easy to learn puzzle game - 60 levels
Lafix 2
In Lafix 2 you need to position the mirrors so that the laser beam reaches the receiver unit. Features: - Easy to learn puzzle game - 132 levels
Undroid 2
The attacks keeps coming. This is a third attack from the same forces and this time a faster droid transporter is on its way to deliver the attack. Our long range communications group has hacked into their ship computer and taken control of one droid. You have...