Allstar Software
Star Browser
Star Browser is a colourful and innovative QML/Qt powered browser, it comes with Unlimited Bookmarks, Customizable Homepage, User Sharing, a wide range of excellent user settings, Special Web search Area, 100% Fullscreen mode, Browsing History, ScreenShot Abil...
Star Player Alpha
Star Player is a legacy Project, a Qt Video Player with Background Video Playing and other goodies like Video Downloads and Favourites. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST GENERATION DEVICES!
Quick Mail
Quick Mail is a forever free Application which let's you check and send emails from a range of email providers using their web Interface, it comes with Dark and Light Themes, ability to Toggle things like showing Images, pinch to zoom, upload and download atta...
Facebook Qt
Not to be confused with Facebook Mobile Qt, Facebook Qt is one of our Legacy Symbian Applications and is a one-stop application for all your mobile Facebook needs..
Facebook Mobile Qt
Facebook Mobile Qt is a quick and easy way to browse the Facebook Mobile site, it even comes with Full screen mode. Please enable an Internet connection before opening the App. Qt, QtMobility, QtWebkit required for Symbian^3 and Anna.
Easy StopWatch is a innovative Timer Application for Symbian Anna, Belle and higher Smart Phones. It includes Lap support, Screensaver never times out, Global OS notifications, 5 built in countdown sounds and option to choose your own Audio from your device...
Big Clock
Big clock is a small App with a huge clock, it comes with 18 colours, optional animation, with transparency and animation speed settings. Old Open Source Application, get the source ONLY from here:
Websearch Duo
WebSearch Duo is the next generation in Symbian Search Applications. The Third in its series, QML powered with 42 search engines, Virtual window, Three ways to zoom, easy to use UI, built in Duo Browser, designated Settings area, Night Cover and much more! ...